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Supreme Radio Communications, Inc. has been providing quality sales and service to businesses and governmental entities in the Central Illinois area since 1959, with locations in Peoria, IL, Galesburg, IL, Macomb, IL, and Bloomington, IL. To help us fulfill our goal of complete customer satisfaction, several years ago our Quality program was implemented to put processes in place to ensure that our customers are provided with the quality service that they demand. We constantly examine how we do things, to make sure that we're serving you in the best way possible

Safety is essential and you need the fastest, most effective response if there's an incident.


School personnel need to effectively interact together - whether it's an emergency or not.


In order to keep up, your workers need reliable communications so you can increase their efficiency and productivity.


Every radio will meet your most demanding performance and technological expectations.

Public Safety

Upgrade Your Two-way Radios To MOTOTRBO Digital

Why Should I Upgrade?

Digital radios from Motorola offer many advantages over analog, including improved voice quality with greater coverage, better privacy, better battery life and more. That's why it's critical to consider digital migration now - so when you're ready to upgrade, you'll choose a system with the greatest benefits for the long term.

Improved Audio Quality

When you use a normal analog radio, every sound that's picked up by the microphone is transmitted. If there's a lot of background noise, it can be very difficult to understand you.

Better Coverage

While all radio signals grow fainter as they go further out, the voice quality on analog radios degrades much more quickly.

Better Battery Life

Count on your battery to last up to 40% longer when you use a digital radio.

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